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Our Mission Statement

  • CA Property Group Pty Ltd is a modern, forward-thinking company, committed to excellence in all our undertakings.
  • We promote and support customer/supplier relationships to the extent that positive word-of-mouth and ongoing, new business are the outcomes.
  • No matter which sector each project belongs, whether it be the commercial, government, educational, hospitality, or a retail / office fit-out, we promise to find a quality and innovative solution.
  • Improving, modernising and streamlining our systems and processes are disciplines we adhere to.
  • Our response to queries is positive, prompt, hands-on and practical.
  • Proactively and enthusiastically supporting architects, consultants and designers helps us all achieve our common end goal.
  • Our Quality Assurance Manual is a functioning document which is subject to regular evaluation in accordance with internal review systems.
  • We strive at all times to enhance and uphold the good name and integrity of the construction industry.